Company Culture Consulting

What's a Culture Consultant and how can we help you grow and scale a team of highly productive, engaged employees with the power to skyrocket your business? 

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Culture Assessment and Engagement Surveys

We've partnered with, a research-based platform designed to identify your team's authentic values, measure your employee's engagement, and screen applicants for culture fit.

The Fortay platform fits perfectly into our Hiring and On-boarding for Culture Fit package, our Culture Route Mapping package, and our Community Building and Culture Development workshops. 

Culture Assessment and Engagement Surveys

Dovetail workshops help you dissolve silos, improve communication, build community, increase employee engagement and implement strategies designed to support the development of a healthy and profitable workplace culture. 

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Our Charity Partners

We donate a percentage of our profits, and our volunteer hours to our local charity partners at StopGap Foundation 



Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who wants to jump out of bed every morning thinking “Yes! I GET to go to work today!”, feeling pumped up about the people you work with, the role that you’re in, and the work that you’re doing?

Do you want to build a company full of champions who are highly engaged, love working with each other, and are extremely productive and dedicated? (See also: making your business highly profitable, while loving it just as much as you.)

You’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what my team and I can help you with. Have a look through our consulting packages, workshops, and team building events, and contact us today to start building an amazing company culture. 


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Why Build Your Company Culture With Dovetail?

A few of the reasons why our clients enjoy working with us: 

Peace of Mind Policies

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly. When our clients are happy, we're happy. 

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Awesome Customer Service

Our goal is to offer the industry's best customer service. We love hearing from our clients in face to face meetings, phone calls, texts, and Skype meetings. Our personalized service ensures that you'll never be left hanging!

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Giving Back

Giving back is at the core of everything we do. We donate a percentage of our profits, and at least one day per month per employee to our charity partners at StopGap Foundation, and other local charities.