We'll help you grow and scale a team of highly productive, engaged employees to boost productivity and moral all across your company

We've partnered with Fortay.co, a research-based platform, to identify your team's authentic values, measure employee engagement, and screen applicants for culture fit.

Dovetail workshops help you dissolve silos, improve communication, build community, increase employee engagement and implement strategies designed to support the development of a healthy and profitable workplace culture. 

Why Build Your Company Culture With Dovetail?

A few of the reasons why our clients enjoy working with us: 

Peace of Mind Policies

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly. When our clients are happy, we're happy. 

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Awesome Customer Service

Our goal is to offer the industry's best customer service. We love hearing from our clients in face to face meetings, phone calls, texts, and Skype meetings. Our personalized service ensures that you'll never be left hanging!

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Giving Back

Giving back is at the core of everything we do. We donate a percentage of our profits, and at least one day per month per employee to our charity partners at StopGap Foundation, and other local charities.

You're In Good Company

Culture is something that goes beyond the size, location or type of business you're in. Here are just some of the companies large and small, we have had the privilege of working with.


Meet Our Founder, Alexis Dean

I started Dovetail because I'm passionate about helping business leaders connect with their teams, love the work that they do every day, and make their business more productive and profitable.

Amazing company culture doesn't just "happen" organically on its own. It's more than ping pong and foosball tables, free lunches, or a beer tap in the office. Culture is the unique personality of an organizationan invisible but extremely powerful force that influences the behaviour of the members of a group.

Learn more about Dovetail, and how we can help you develop the high-performance company culture of your dreams here.